Tuesday, May 18, 2010

St Augustine - Trip 2 - Fun in the Sun

Our previous trip to St. Augustine was during December which was a little chilly out so we choose to do the educational aspect of this beautiful historic city.  Our second trip was during the summer months, so this time we decided we were going to have "fun in the sun".  Once again we stayed at the Howard Johnson - home to the "Old Senator".  We love staying here because it is extremely affordable and close to everything that we want to do.  This time though we spotted a family riding around on scooters and decided that we wanted to see all of St. Augustine and that was going to be the best way to go about it.  We walked down the street and found a place that was renting out not only scooters but also scooter cars.  http://www.solanocycle.com/rentals.php Jasmine and I wanted the scooter car because it looked like a happy yellow bug, and the boys got the regular scooters because Duane barely fit in the car.  They had a special where you could rent the scooters for 24 hours for a little more than the same price as the 4 hour charge.  We had a blast.  We were able to tour the entire area of St. Augustine and even went over the Lions bridge to the Anastasia side and checked out the lighthouse, state park and took a pit stop at the beach.

For dinner we ate at the Conch House which is right on the water.  The food here was incredible and it had a fabulous vibe to the restaurant.  The outside tables looked like little huts and they had an area where gators hung out.

At the lighthouse we went all the way to the very top and it was such a hike, but what a beautiful view from the top.  At the state park we checked out the coquina that seem to pop out of everywhere (pic of Cody below is standing on a piece of the coquina) and at the beach we walked around and just enjoyed the breeze.

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  1. St. Augustine Beach is a favorite destination for our vacation each summer. Beautiful beaches, historic places, restaurants, shopping and friendly locals. We just load the car, grab our Yorkie and hit the road!