Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Talbot Island - Jacksonville Florida

During the Christmas break one year we decided to venture up to the Jacksonville area and look around.  The kids and I had never been there and Duane, who used to live there, hadn't been in several years.  While we were looking at some of the sights, Duane asked if we wanted to go see something that was cool and of course we said yes, so we headed off towards Big Talbot Island.  We pulled off A1A and went down a long dirt road and parked.  When we got out we didn't see anything, but he said don't worry we go down a path and you will see it.  That is when Cody saw a large cliff overlooking sand and asked if he could jump down so that is what he and Duane did.  Jasmine and I of course took the simpler route down.  Once down on the beach though I was taken aback. The dead trees on the sand were just amazing and the fact that there was no one around for miles.  We walked for a while taking in the beautiful surroundings. 

I would recommend this be something that everyone go and see at least once while living in Florida.  The beach there is eroding and won't be around long.  Take your kids, dogs and a picnic lunch and enjoy the day.  There is Little Talbot Island State Park that you can go camping at if you would like to spend a weekend and enjoy a mini vacation away from the hustle and bustle of your weekday lives.  The entrance is just right up the rode from the Little Talbot Island area.

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