Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Orlando Museum of Art - Orlando, FL

One Saturday afternoon the kids were off with their friends and I wanted to do something cultural with Duane so we set off to the Orlando Museum of Art.  I looked up their website and found out that they were having a show black & white photographs showing the Everglades.  Having never been to the Everglades I thought this would be a good view into what to expect when we do make it down there.  We arrived and there was no one else around as it opened at 12:00 and we arrived right around that time.  Tickets were only $8.00 per adult and I was shocked at how inexpensive it was.  The Museum itself was very beautiful and I loved taking our time looking through all of the exhibits.  It was interesting to learn that some of the pieces stay full time, but most of their exhbits rotate so that you can come often and always see something new and exciting.  They suggested that we take a look at their website - http://www.omart.org/ and look at the calendar to see when the exhibits rotate and what we would be interested in.

They also have an area that is directed towards children if you happen to bring yours along.  This included a craft area so that they could keep themselves occupied while at the museum.  This link - http://www.omart.org/education/youth-family - is also the calendar of events that they have that are specifically geared toward children coming to appreciate the arts.

The gallery is open Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm and
Saturday and Sunday - 12pm - 4pm
2416 North Mills Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32803-1483
Phone 407 896 4231

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