Monday, May 10, 2010

Lake Eola - Orlando, FL

Lake Eola is a popular place for many in Orlando to stroll around on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  They have a nice walking path that surrounds the lake and usually have activities going on around the area for them to attend.  The day that we went we wanted to do something for a couple of hours that didn't cost a lot of money but would still be a nice time.  We drove down to Lake Eola while they were having their craft days.  The kids wanted to ride the swan paddle boats and they were only $15 for a half hour so we thought what the heck.  While they were out, Duane and I continued to walk around keeping an eye on them but also taking in the wildlife that was buzzing around.  If you want to get away for a little while without breaking the bank, try a leisurely stroll around Lake Eola or ride one of the paddle boats or electric gondalas.

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