Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spook Hill - Lake Wales, FL

While visiting the Bok Tower and Gardens we drove over to a natural phenomenon know as Spook Hill.  Apparently you pull up to a line, put your car in park and then are able to actually roll up hill.  Cars are not the only things that will roll, so bring a ball or anything round.  As you pull up there is a sign that explains the legend of why the car rolls up hill, but it actually is a gravity hill or magnectic mountain.  We tried it out and it works!!!! if you are in the area I would definitely follow the signs and try it out for yourself.

as you can see from where we are at the sign the white line is definitely downhill

the car is in neutral and we did roll up the hill

view of another car approaching the line

and as you can see their car is rolling up the hill

Bok Tower & Gardens - Lake Wales, FL

During our Christmas time off we decided to check out the Bok Tower & Gardens in Lake Wales.  It is home to a 50-acre garden and 205 foot marble and coquina Singing Tower decorated with tile mocaics, animal carvings and custom iron-work.  Edward W. Bok gifted this garden and tower to the American people in 1929.  He wanted them to have a real piece of Florida to come visit and enjoy.  The Singing Tower sings from the 60 bell carillon that is built in the upper level of the tower.  The bells are attached to an organ and songs are played every half hour and a half-hour concert is preformed at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm every day.

Since we went during the winter months there was not quite as many flowers in bloom as I expect there are during the Spring.  We will definitely be going back to see the difference.

The land itself is the tallest point in the state of Florida.  They said on a clear day you can almost see the Gulf of Mexico from the grounds behind the tower.

the air gardens at the entrance
a small version of the tower - the top is where the carrillon is, the second is where the carillonneur lives

showing the sheer size of the bells - Duane is 6ft tall

I thought this view was beautiful with the swan and the reflection

the front door - it is said that this is made from solid gold

Edward Bok's grave is at the entrance to his beloved structure

stands at an impressive 206-ft tall

one of the intricate mosaics that surround the top of the tower

you can see the tree and the monkeys in this shot

beautiful iron work

he followed us around the lake wanting us to feed him

the highest spot in Florida is exactly where the circle is shown

can you believe the size of the agavae plant

frome the window by the lake

even there orange trees are sculptured

this lantern was dedicated by one of Edward Bok's employees.  He saved for 7 years and purchased this piece as a sign of love of humanity.  It is positioned so that Edward's grave can be seen from the latern.

view of the grave from the lantern

showing the coloring of the stone.  Each piece was put up separately and was laid by craftsman and artisans
This is a wonderful place to pack a picnic lunch, walk around and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.  If you would like to get directions or check the website out just click here -