Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mead Gardens - Winter Park, FL

After our outing at the Orlando Museum of Art, Duane wanted to do something outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having so we drove a little ways down the street to Mead Gardens.  This is a completely free place to go and wander.  They have a butterfly garden, streams, and trails nestled within the trees.  We took a leisurely stroll around the area and was blown away from not only it's beauty but who quite and serene it was.  There were many others stolling around the area and you could tell that many new of this hidden treasure, but you were able to still have the feeling that is was just your party that was enjoying it.  Off to one side there were picnic tables that were shaded so you could enjoy a nice lunch out without having to deal with the sun. 

I recommend this to anyone that has a few hours to kill and not sure what to do.  Take a leisurely stroll around and just enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

1300 South Denning Drive

Winter Park, FL 32789

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