Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zellwood Corn Maze - Long & Scott's Farm - Zellwood, FL

This past weekend we got a bunch of our relatives together and decided to go check out the Zellwood Corn Maze.  The kids, Duane and I had gone previously but when we showed up the first time there were about 200 people in line just to buy tickets.  This time we were smart and purchased our tickets online and were through the line and in the place in less than 10 minutes (the line to buy tickets was still pretty long).  Upon entering you have to watch a short maze video that explains about the maze and the different interactive areas that they have set up throughout.  After watching the video we were released out into the area.  They had ziplining for the kids under 100lbs, a 60 ft slide, playground area for toddlers and different areas to keep smaller kids entertained.  There were food vendors around (they only take cash and there is no ATM on the property) and the burgers were awesome!!! 

Slowly we made our way towards the large corn maze.  They give you a flag before you walk in so that if you get lost and need to be rescued you just hold up the flag and they will either talk you out or send in a rescue team to find you.  The corn maze is over 6 acres and can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours to complete. 

At different areas around the corn maze they have interactive stations.  Some of them are informational and give you key words to fill out the puzzle page that was given to you in the video area while others are pictures for you to rub onto your page.  The kids had a blast with this, especially the smaller ones.  It was like Christmas everytime they found a new area.  We were there about an two hours and had a very good time.

As you can see the corn is rather tall so trying to peer over to the other side is pretty difficult.  As you can see in the picture they have different colored ribbon tied to the stalks.  This showed you what area of the maze you were currently in and also made a barrier so that people couldn't walk through the stalks to the different areas.

One of the previous years layout
The corn maze is only open from the beginning of October to the end of November each year.  Tuesday through Fridays are by appointment only for large groups.  Saturdays they are open 10am to 5pm and Sundays from 1pm to 5pm.  They also offersmaller corn mazes for kids, a tree maze and hayrides for an additional fee.  Check out their website for this year or put it on your calendar to check out next year.  Believe me no matter the age a fun time will be had by all.  It was AMAZING!!! lol.

PS.  Watch out for all the CORNY jokes that you will hear.

Children's Miracle Network Classic Golf Tournament - Lake Buena Vista, FL

This past weekend Duane wanted to go to the Children's Miracle Network Classic PGA Golf Tournament that was being held at the Magnolia and Palm Courses at Disney.  Since he doesn't ask to do much I said sure sounds like fun.  We went on their website and found out that tickets were only $13/per person and that they were having a Wine and Walk on the back 9 holes of the golf course.  We were instructed to park at the Magic Kingdom and that they would shuttle us to the golf courses.  We were able to get right in and park and sure enough they had shuttle buses waiting to take us over.  They instructed you at the parking area, no cell phones or cameras allowed.  The bus dropped us off right in front of Will Call.  They were extremely organized and it took us maybe 5 minutes to grab out tickets and be on our way.  They also had a place that you could check bags, cameras, cell phones or any of the other items that were not allowed in.  Upon entering the area the excitement of the tournament was crystal clear and a buzz flowed through the crowd.  The beginning of the week they held the pratice rounds and the Pro am, but Sat and Sun were all about collecting that last big paycheck for the PGA golfers.  It was incredible how close we were able to get to the golfers on the holes.  At one point they were less than 3 ft away from the ropes.  Duane and I walked the entire back 9 focusing on different groups rather than just following one particular group enjoying the gourmet food and beverages along the way.  Towards the end of the day I saw a lot of golfers leaving the 9th hole and signing autographs and so of course I had to go and get some.  I ended up with a total of 9 autographs from some pretty notable golfers - Davis Love III, Rickie Fowler, Chris DiMarco, Spencer Levin as well as some others.  Overall it was a great time and I can't wait to go back next November.  I think we may even do another day or so.

Ticket and autographs from the day

Monday, November 8, 2010

Clearwater Beach, FL

For my daughter's 16th birthday present I took her and one of her girlfriends to Clearwater Beach.  We went in November which means it was a little to chilly and windy to go in the water so we had to figure out something else to do to pass the time.  We checked on on parasailing but they were not open do to the wind so we decided to walk around and see what else there was to do.  First we walked to the Clearwater Marina to check it out.  There were all types of sightseeing and fishing cruises and we decided to go on the Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise.  We had some time to kill before we pushed off so we walked over to the pier.  The wind was ridiculous but we pushed on anyway.

Around 5:00 pm we mozied on over to wait for our Pirate Adventure to begin.  It was a blast and I recommend it to anyone that wants to have a fun 2 hours while hanging out in Clearwater.  The price was reasonable $39.99/adults - $31.00/teens and I think less than $30 for kids and seniors.  They supply unlimited beverages (both nonacoholic and alcoholic) and keep the smaller kids entertained with water gun fights, treasure hunts, face painting, dancing and even the limbo.  - Check out coupons online - http://captainmemo.com/index.html

After the cruise we stopped back at the hotel to wash up for dinner.  We choose to go to Shephard's for their all you can eat crab leg buffet.  The price was pretty reasonable at $25/per person and the food was excellent.  They offered so many choices from Prime Rib to Sushi to Steak and everything in between.  I will definitely go back to eat their next time we make it back. Check out their website online.  http://www.shephards.com/restaurant.asp
We will be visiting back again in the summer to parasail and check out what other adventures await us.

Orlando Science Center - Orlando, FL

Duane and I wanted to do something fun on a rainy day when the kids were out doing their own thing, and we decided to check out the Orlando Science Center.  We arrived early and was able to park in the parking area (not the garage) with ease and didn't have to pay to park.  We were able to get in for a small fee of $17/per person and this included tickets to all of the movies at the Cinedome.  The first area we walked into was full of hand's on experiments that were cool to do not only for us but the kids that were there as well.

when you stood on either side you could talk and here from these dishes

if you look closely you can see the zap of energy (purple)

my car was the purple one and of course I won!!!

if you look closely lasers are the strings and real sound came out

the power of fiber optics

we played on this for awhile talking at different levels
After we were done exploring this fun filled area we moved on to medical career area where they had some really cool displays that talked all about the human body and medical career paths available.

I loved the dissected head, I thought is was cool but creepy
Our next travels were through the dinosaur area.  This was by far my favorite area to check out and photograph.

Now we moved on to the solar system and forces of nature area. 

We moved on to the Nature Walk area next.  I loved the turtles and gators they were just relaxing and hanging out.

Finally  there is a nice area for smaller kids to roam around in.  Kids Town, where there is only one way in and one way out.  You can let your kids roam and have fun without the worry.

This was a working orange farm area.  The kids picked the oranges (balls) from the trees put them on this conveyor belt and then they were packaged and sent to the store which dropped them back into the trees.  The kids were having a blast!

After we wondered around we went and watched the Ultimate Wave at the Cinedome and it was really cool seeing the movie there.  I would suggest all to take advantage of this perk if you check out the Science Center.  Check out their link for more information - http://www.osc.org/