Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mosquito Lagoon - JB's Fish Camp

In June a friend and I decided we wanted to go kayaking somewhere different than our normal spot, so we headed out to New Smyrna Beach and a place called Mosquito Lagoon - now I know what you are thinking  - why would you go to a place call Mosquito Lagoon - but to tell you the truth, I didn't see a single mosquito.

We pulled into the parking lot of JB's Fish Camp - to start our adventure - we decided that we wanted to eat and take it easy after our long drive before jumping directly to the kayaking.  We were able to get a seat outside on the patio and was able to enjoy the beautiful day.

We decided to order a bunch of different items and share so we could try a little of everything.  The food was delicious and so hit the spot -

After a few beers and the delicious food we decided it was time to get in the water.  We paid $15 for a double kayak for an hour -

While we were eating the waitress gave us a good tip of where to go to see the most wildlife - around the docks to the right there is an alcove before you get to the big pier - this is where we ended up surrounded by wild manatees - they are such gentle giants - wanting their bellies rubbed and they were definitely not afraid of humans.  At one point two of them went under our boat at the same time and actually lifted the kayak out of the water.  We spent the majority of our hour petting and playing with the manatees.

As we were kayaking back to the restaurant we noticed a pair of dolphins playing with each other.  They were so quick I was only able to capture one of their fins.  One of the dolphins actually had a split fin - i guess some kind of run in with a boat -

I can't wait to go back here again to kayak and it was so enjoyable - I think next time we may even do the clam/oyster collecting.  Check it out for yourself