Friday, December 3, 2010

Parasailing and Snorkeling - Key West, FL

One of the things that my daughter and I wanted to do more than anything in Key West was to go parasailing.  We spoke with the conceirge at the hotel and he suggested we use Fury Watersports as they have competitive prices and lots of things to do.  After much discussion we all decided that Jasmine and I would parasail and then all four of us would go snorkeling at the coral reef.  We purchased the parasailing tickets for $35/each for an hour and the snorkeling was $45/adult and $25/child for a three hour trip.  Two hours on the ferry, 1 hour in the water.

We arrived at the dock and checked in with no issues.  We waited where they told us and the deck hands for fury met us and walked us to the boat.  There was another couple, a party of four and Jasmine and I that all went on the boat.  The place we ended up sitting us was the spots that would go up first.  I will not lie we were a little intimidated by the thought of going first, but I was also extremely excited.  The let us know that we would be flying at approx 300 ft in the air.  I must say that this was a fabulous choice and it was a great bonding experience for Jasmine and I.

the view of us flying from the boat

our view from the air

After our parasailing adventure came to a close we met up with the guys and boarded the boat for the Rum and Reggae snorkeling adventure.  We choose the 3:30 trip because we would still be out at sea for sunset and I really wanted to get some good sunset pics.  The ferry took about an hour to travel the 7 miles out to the Coral Reef.  The Reef extends from Key West 127 miles to Miami.  This is the reason that the Keys are not know for their beaches (they have to ship in the sand) and Miami has beautiful ones.  On the trip out they explained about the reef and how to work the gear that you were supplied.  Unlimited soda's were available on the way out - no alcohol or you can not snorkel. 

Once out to the reef we jumped in and were on our way. We snorkeled for most of the hour but the sun started to set and water temperature began to drop.  It was in the 70s in the water still and the day we went was so clear you could see at least 50 meters below the surface.

After our snorkeling was done for the day the unlimited adult beverages started to flow.  They had their house specialty Rum Punch and it was definitely not on the wimpy side.  I was able to get some amazing sunset pics and we were able to discuss our adventure with ourselves and others on board.  By the time we hit land we were all tuckered out from our long but wonderful day on the water.

I would suggest doing either of these excursions if you go to the Keys.  Both of these adventures where the highlights of our trip.

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