Friday, December 3, 2010

Key West Aquarium - Key West, FL

When we were on the trolley tour the driver informed us that the Aquarium on Key West was the first aquarium in the state of Florida.  The prices were reasonable so we decided to take a look.  It was very small, almost like the aquarium in Tarpon Springs.  There were two large pools of water that took up the majority of the middle of the room. One was touchable area that was loaded with starfish, crawfish, small sting rays that allow kids to pick up and examine. 

The other was filled with sharks and large stingrays and there were a ton of them hanging out with each other.

All along both of the walls there were tanks filled with a wide assortment of fish. 

One of my favorite tanks was the jellyfish.  The lighting that was used in there tank allowed you to really see all of their small parts.

Out back they had large tortoises and a hammerhead shark.  The shark wasn't out as they usually only allow him to come out for feedings and we were not there at that time.

Another area had animals that were common to Florida - gators, iguana's, turtles, and a red shoulder hawk.  The gators were not around, but below are some pics of the other inhabitants.

For a small place they have quite a bit to see and you and your family should definitely take a look. - ticket prices were $12/adults - $5/kids.