Monday, November 8, 2010

Orlando Science Center - Orlando, FL

Duane and I wanted to do something fun on a rainy day when the kids were out doing their own thing, and we decided to check out the Orlando Science Center.  We arrived early and was able to park in the parking area (not the garage) with ease and didn't have to pay to park.  We were able to get in for a small fee of $17/per person and this included tickets to all of the movies at the Cinedome.  The first area we walked into was full of hand's on experiments that were cool to do not only for us but the kids that were there as well.

when you stood on either side you could talk and here from these dishes

if you look closely you can see the zap of energy (purple)

my car was the purple one and of course I won!!!

if you look closely lasers are the strings and real sound came out

the power of fiber optics

we played on this for awhile talking at different levels
After we were done exploring this fun filled area we moved on to medical career area where they had some really cool displays that talked all about the human body and medical career paths available.

I loved the dissected head, I thought is was cool but creepy
Our next travels were through the dinosaur area.  This was by far my favorite area to check out and photograph.

Now we moved on to the solar system and forces of nature area. 

We moved on to the Nature Walk area next.  I loved the turtles and gators they were just relaxing and hanging out.

Finally  there is a nice area for smaller kids to roam around in.  Kids Town, where there is only one way in and one way out.  You can let your kids roam and have fun without the worry.

This was a working orange farm area.  The kids picked the oranges (balls) from the trees put them on this conveyor belt and then they were packaged and sent to the store which dropped them back into the trees.  The kids were having a blast!

After we wondered around we went and watched the Ultimate Wave at the Cinedome and it was really cool seeing the movie there.  I would suggest all to take advantage of this perk if you check out the Science Center.  Check out their link for more information -


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