Monday, November 8, 2010

Clearwater Beach, FL

For my daughter's 16th birthday present I took her and one of her girlfriends to Clearwater Beach.  We went in November which means it was a little to chilly and windy to go in the water so we had to figure out something else to do to pass the time.  We checked on on parasailing but they were not open do to the wind so we decided to walk around and see what else there was to do.  First we walked to the Clearwater Marina to check it out.  There were all types of sightseeing and fishing cruises and we decided to go on the Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise.  We had some time to kill before we pushed off so we walked over to the pier.  The wind was ridiculous but we pushed on anyway.

Around 5:00 pm we mozied on over to wait for our Pirate Adventure to begin.  It was a blast and I recommend it to anyone that wants to have a fun 2 hours while hanging out in Clearwater.  The price was reasonable $39.99/adults - $31.00/teens and I think less than $30 for kids and seniors.  They supply unlimited beverages (both nonacoholic and alcoholic) and keep the smaller kids entertained with water gun fights, treasure hunts, face painting, dancing and even the limbo.  - Check out coupons online -

After the cruise we stopped back at the hotel to wash up for dinner.  We choose to go to Shephard's for their all you can eat crab leg buffet.  The price was pretty reasonable at $25/per person and the food was excellent.  They offered so many choices from Prime Rib to Sushi to Steak and everything in between.  I will definitely go back to eat their next time we make it back. Check out their website online.
We will be visiting back again in the summer to parasail and check out what other adventures await us.

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