Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tibet-Butler Preserve - Windermere, FL

Not to far from where we live is the Tibet-Butler Preserve, a nice place to take a stroll through some of the indigenous plants and wildlife of Florida.  The other day Duane and I had a few hours to kill so we decided to drive over and take a walk.  Unfortunately the area near the lake was blocked off so I will have to post pics of this area at a later time.  If you need a few hours away from the hectic pace of life, take some time and stroll through the Tibet-Butler Preserve.  They are open Wednesday to Sunday 8am to 6pm. 8777 State Road 535, Orlando 32836.

Snapping Turtle

Red Shouldered Hawk

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  1. The preserve is located very close to World Disney World and Sea World and contains a 440 acre piece of Florida's original flora and fauna.

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