Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Salvador Dali Museum - St. Petersburg, FL

My fiancee Duane and I have been wanting to go to the Salvador Dali museum in St Pete for awhile now, but with work and the kids we just never had time.  In the past year the museum underwent a huge facelift and expanded from their previous 11,000 sq ft property to one that is almost 22,000 sq ft.  The building and the grounds themselves are beautiful before you even enter in the exhibit. 

side of building from theatre

interesting sculpture at front of entrance

there was a fountain with fish

this is a replica of when Salvador Dalie showed up at an event dressed in a scuba outfit

spiral staircase that runs up to the exhibits
view from out of the glass windows that run along the backside of the building
behind the museum


As cameras are not allowed in the exhibit I have added some shots of the items that are on display. The price was $21/each for adults with children being cheaper depending on their age. check out the times, prices and directions for yourself with this link -

The Persistence of Memory

Hallucinogenic Toreador
Telephone in a Dish with Three Grilled Sardines at the End of September
Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire
Crucifixion ('Hypercubic Body')

Below is my personal favorite painted by Salvador Dali.  Unfortunately I will never get to see it up close at is lives with a private collector.

File:Swans reflecting elephants.jpg
Swans reflecting elephants

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