Thursday, March 24, 2011

Showcase of Citrus - Clermont, FL

Our final stop on the "Clermont tour" lead us to the Showcase of Citrus or U Pick It Citrus on US 27.  They have hundreds of citrus trees growing so you can take the family and for a small fee wander around and pick citrus right off the vines.  The prices for the fruit are very reasonable and they provide bags and carts that you can pull through the fields so you don't have to carry the heavy fruit.  Not only do they sell fruit, but have a small market with all types of products.

It was a very pretty, serene and quite place that you could get lost in even without picking any fruit.  Next time you want to do something outdoors with the kids, give this place a try and introduce your child to some new tasty fruits right off the vine.

While there we saw they offer an eco-safari tour for $20/adults, $10/kids.  We didn't take the ride, but will visit again when our son is with us to check it out.  Check back later for another post on that adventure.

On the other side of the lot away from the trees there is a lake with a nice deck and a few benches.  We stood for a while and watched the wildlife. 

For more information, directions or just to take a look for yourself - take a look at their website at


  1. great old-school florida adventure!

  2. My sister lived just down the road from here for a while. Great memories.

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