Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Port Canaveral and The Exploration Tower - Cape Canaveral, FL

Recently we decided to check out the Port Canaveral area as we heard there have been a lot of changes to the southern ports.  Apparently they are really focused on building up the port area to attract more families to watch the ships.  One of the nice things is that there are quite a few restaraunts right along the water that you can sit and have a nice lunch (or drink) at and check out the big ships and they sail for sea. 


Right up the road there is a new attraction called the Exploration Tower - it is a 7 story building that goes over the different things that make the port area special. It is extremely affordable and very educational. 

On the top floor you can see all the way to the vehicle assembly building at the Kennedy space center.

The 6th floor was all about the NASA program -

The 5th floor was about the port itself and the cruise ships - you can even play a game where you have to bring the ship into port.


The 4th floor has a private viewing area for space launches and events.

The 3rd floor had interactive exhibits and a movie about the area

The second floor discussed the principles of science in play in the area and a giant exhibit made out of all recycled items.

The first floor is the lobby and the gift shop.

Want to learn more about the tower?  click here  - http://www.explorationtower.com/plan-a-visit.aspx

down the street from this area is the Jetty Park Beach and Camp grounds - there is a playground, beach, tackle shop, dolphin watching etc.  for more information click here - http://www.jettypark.org/


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