Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Painting with a Twist - Orlando, FL

Recently my husband and I joined another couple for a date night.  I have heard about this place from a few others and thought let's give it a try.  The funny thing is that none of us have paint or do anything creative, but I thought how bad can it be and we should give it a try.  I went on the Painting with a Twist's website and perused through the calendar to see what types of paintings were on the horizon. 

They have 2 different types of classes "singles" which means that everyone paints the same picture and "couples" where each of you paint a canvas that when put together forms a large cohesive painting.  The cool thing is that the "couples" paintings can also stand on their own so you don't have to live together to take that class. Upon searching I found a couples class that had a beach scene that looked like it could be an easy task for a few artistic beginners.

The class was about 3 hours long and the instructor was great.  You get all of the paint, canvas and utensils to create your work of art as well as a smock to wear to cover your clothes.  During your painting they have a bar that sells wine and beer to get you in the creative mindset.  The 2 hour classes are $35/per person and the 3 hour are $45/per person.  It seems a little pricey, but dinner can cost just about that much and you have nothing to hang out your walls to remind you about the experience at a later date.

Check out our finished products!!!

Here is a group picture from everyone that participated that night

I highly recommend trying this place out with either your spouse, girls night out, they even have kids classes.  They also have a private room for parties.  Regular classes are 15 and up.  Kids' and family classes are 7 and up.



  1. SheiKra Busch Gardens Tampa

  2. Loving your posts! Is there a way to get in contact with you to ask you specific questions?

  3. you can reach me at unknownfloridablog@yahoo.com with any questions or if you have any suggestions on places for us to go!!