Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kayaking at Mount Dora Canal - Tavares, FL

Life has been crazily busy lately and I realized that I haven't done anything outside in a few months.  I kept reading about the Mount Dora canal and how absolutely beautiful it was.  I talked to a few of the ladies and we set out one Sunday morning.  Most of the places that you can put your kayak in around that area are private or you have to own your own for the public launches.  I called around and found that there was a place we could go and rent them from.  Buzzard Beach Bar and Grille was located in Tavares and rents their kayaks for $10/hr per person - 2 hour minimum.  Upon arriving at the place we parked and were given a brief description on the lakes and the areas. 

We started out on Lake Eustis and had to paddle to the right to make it to the canal that connects Lake Dora to Lake Eustis.  Upon first arriving in the canal we had to be careful with the electric boats, but about a mile in we were able to take a right into a less traveled more peaceful canal.  A blue heron was our guide for the day.  He flew ahead of us pretty much the entire trip, always staying a few yards ahead of us.  The canopy of trees was unbelievable and was so intense in some areas the temperature fell a good 10 to 15 degrees.  Unfortunately, we did not see any gators as mating season just ended and most are with their babies and not normally visable.

After the kayak we stopped into Buzzard Beach bar and grille for a beer and lunch.  The food was delicious the prices extremely reasonable.  I would recommend this to anyone that loves hanging out doors. 

Click here to find Buzzard beach bar and grille

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