Thursday, September 27, 2012

Orlando Brewing - Orlando, FL

Recently, Duane and I were looking for something "unknown" to do that we didn't have to drive forever or take all day to explore.  We were looking through on of the things to do in Florida websites - I think maybe the Trip Advisor - and it said Orlando Brewing.  Neither him nor I knew there was a working brewery in the city so that is where we decided to head out. 

Upon driving to the area you realize that the brewery is not in a typical area.  It is completely surrounded by industrial warehouses and concrete factories.  We thought perhaps we were lost driving down Atlanta street, but then to the right - there it was!!

Upon entering the establishment you can tell that it has been in business for quite a while and they are extremely excited and knowledgable regarding the craft beers that they make and sell.  Most of the staff are volunteers and not full time staff. 

We purchased a flight - which is a sampler of the top 8 beers that they craft.  They provide you with a flyer that goes into detail about each beer so that you can learn about the beer while enjoying it.

I prefered the Blonde Ale, Pale Ale and Red Ale - Duane prefered the European Pilzner.

Every evening around 6pm there is a FREE brewery tour - you just have to get your ticket from the bartender before 6. 

The gentleman that owns the establishment will walk you through the brewery process, what items are needed to make beer and how they all work together - the tour lasts roughly an hour and is very informative.

They do not serve food, but offer a selection of take-out delivery menus that you can order from and the
companies deliver the food right to your table.

They are always asking for volunteers - you get free beer to drink and tips to go home with.

If you are a home brewer - if you volunteer - in addition to the free beer - you also can take some yeast home to use in your brewing

On weekends they offer original music and have a large covered stage where they perform.

Whether you are looking to try some new hand-crafted beers or discover and "unknown" area in Florida - stop by and give them a try!!!

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