Monday, March 5, 2012

Magnolia Park - Apopka, FL

One day Duane and I were restless at the house and wanted to get away and explore.  We decided to check out Lake Apopka as we have been there several times on the Winter Garden side but had not really checked out anywhere else around it.  Upon our drive we stumbled upon a small local park - Magnolia Park.  We were the only ones there and decided to get out a take a look.  It was extremely peaceful and quite on the side we were on.  There was a building with a nice patio that overlooked the lake, as well as an arbor which would make a good place for a wedding.  Walking a little further we noticed that there was also a public boat ramp that could be used to get on Lake Apopka.  The other side of the street housed a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, baseball and softball fields .  If you are looking a for a nice, shady area to hang out with your family.  I would definitely recommend checking this place out.

While swimming is prohibited in Lake Apopka, fishing and boating is allowed. Primitive and RV campsites are available.

Check out their website for times and directions.  They also have many family friendly activities that are held at the park.  Check them out and see if any are right for you. -

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