Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spook Hill - Lake Wales, FL

While visiting the Bok Tower and Gardens we drove over to a natural phenomenon know as Spook Hill.  Apparently you pull up to a line, put your car in park and then are able to actually roll up hill.  Cars are not the only things that will roll, so bring a ball or anything round.  As you pull up there is a sign that explains the legend of why the car rolls up hill, but it actually is a gravity hill or magnectic mountain.  We tried it out and it works!!!! if you are in the area I would definitely follow the signs and try it out for yourself.

as you can see from where we are at the sign the white line is definitely downhill

the car is in neutral and we did roll up the hill

view of another car approaching the line

and as you can see their car is rolling up the hill

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