Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Osceola County Fair and Rodeo - Kissimmee, FL

For Duane's birthday this year we decided to go to the Osceola County Fair and Rodeo held at the Heritage Park in Kissimmee, FL. The kids and I had never been to either the fair or the Rodeo before so it sounded like a good plan.  We waited until the last day of the event figuring that it would be a little quiter and his sister, her husband and daughter came with us. We arrived right when the fair opened at 12:00 and purchased the Rodeo tickets right away.  They were very reasonable, only $15/adults and $10/children.

The fair had a lot of things to do: pony rides, elephant rides, carnival rides, games and tons of different food vendors.  When we first arrived Harleigh wanted to ride the pony, I think it was only like $5 or $10 and she rode for a good 10 minutes, mostly because no one else was there. 

I tried to get the kids to ride the elephants but neither of them wanted to smell like elephant for the rest of the day so they passed.  After that we decided to eat, but while deciding what we wanted to eat, Cody saw this Hamster Wheel thing that he really wanted to try.  It was the most hilarious thing I think I have ever seen.  The boy actually did the Irish jig while walking around in this thing. He had people flocking to this attraction in droves just to laugh at him.

Since we were waiting for the Rodeo to begin at 2:00pm we walked around and the kids got to ride some rides and we played a few games.

Around 1:45 we started heading over to the arena and got settled in for the Rodeo.  I loved it!  I had never been to a Rodeo before but it was very exciting watching the different sections.  There was something for everyone and even the kids enjoyed themselves.  Apparently they have two Rodeo's a year, the one we went to in February and then another in June.  If you have never been to a Rodeo, I suggest that you go.  It was a good show and relatively inexpensive.  Even the drinks and popcorn was priced reasonable.  Below are some of the pics from that day.

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